Thursday, July 28, 2016

Experiementing with Deco Foil with Colleen

So we got a slow start today and we have been doing some experimenting.  Using Deco Foil is very tricky and too labor intensive for us.  This is the second time we have given it a try and I think have come up with the same conclusion.  I think using Glimmer paper is easier to do. 
Sorry about the terrible picture, but the foil shows all the reflections in it.  We also played with the Distress Crayons a bit.  They are so smooth and creamy and go on very well.
Today is the final day of crafting with my BFF.  We have had so much fun together.
She is actually riding home with me because her husband, daughter and granddaughter left for Seattle today for a Volleyball Camp.  She will meet up with them Friday night.  So at least we have one more day together and it will be nice having company on my way back home. 
Second card is a new stamp set for me by Lawn Fawn which I colored yesterday.
A card for Colleen....

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  1. I have all the stuff to play with deco foil, but am too chicken to try it! At least you gave it 2 tries before deciding it's not for you! I do like the looks of the butterflies with the foil though...very shimmery! And your sunflower card is beautiful...Colleen will love it!! Glad to hear you both had a great time together, and now you'll have to start planning the next time!! :0)

  2. Well I must say it looks beautiful and you would never know you had any issues. If I can help at all with our Deco Foil product line, please do not hesitate to get in touch as we'd like for you to love it!

  3. Can I say it again?! I jealous!! how wonderful the two of you have shared such a special friendship all these years : )
    Love your cards!! especially the one for Colleen! )



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