Sunday, September 29, 2019

Welcome back to my Blog - Move update and Triplet Pictures

After a long and stressful summer we are finally settled in Portland and I am ready to start crafting again.  We sold our house and had to be out by August 28th.  And up to a week before that time we had no place to go except to stay with Brad & Ramie's.  Then we got a call that the house we wanted to rent had come down to us and we actually qualified for it.  There were at least 3 others that were ahead of us. So here we are.
 I really have missed crafting.  Colleen and I have crafted twice (once in my room and once in her's)  She has been over many times as she is only about 10 minutes away from my house and also took us driving around to show us around. 
Next Saturday, Col and I leave for Indianapolis to meet Brenda of Inspired to Stamp for a Craft Retreat.  Darnell, Greta, Maria, Kara and Brenda's sister 'n law will be also attending.  So a fun week to look forward to and hope to get my mojo up and running.
Now for the real reason for moving down to Oregon is for these 3 sweet little babies.  We are less than 5 minutes away from them.  That is so nice.  Some  of these pictures may be duplicates but I didn't really know where I left off.
So thought I would start off with there one year birthday photo shoot
These little people (not really babies anymore) are walking all over the place and love to get chased by one another and the sound of their laughter is so beautiful.  Nothing greater than hearing a baby's laughter....
They just turned 17 months old and are so much fun.  Can you believe that?

Connor, Anna, Justin

 After a long day of pictures, the babies were saying.  I think that is enough mom...

Justin, the babies love to climb in to everything.

At my house in Maple Valley.

Mom and her babies

Dad and his babies, Connor, Justin & Anna




Grandma & Anna

Family photo taken at Colleen's

Grandma & Auntie Nona

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