Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Christmas with the Triplets and 3rd Birthday

I have lots of pictures to share with you in the life of the triplets since I last posted.  I know it's been quite awhile.  So, make sure you have lots of time. Lol
This is Anna & Connor at Christmas.  Somehow I didn't corral Justin for a close up of him.  He is in the third picture.  Justin is usually the one with the boo boo on the forehead, but this time it is Connor.  And it is in the same place where Justin is.

Ramie is so brave, the triplets help make Christmas, sugar cookies.
Dad & Justin

Ramie also lets them help her cook.  Anna loves to help her with dinner or with banana bread.
The boys like to help too. They are mixing the ingredients for their birthday cupcapkes.

And Anna is lining the pans.

The finished product...Decorated with Muppets.

The triplets celebrate their 3rd birthday.
They were so excited.  Connor shows us how old.

Getting ready to open presents
Separating into piles.

Anna opens some clothes while grandma looks on.  Not a whole lot of excitement on her face.  lol

Connor is excited over the clothes.
Although, he likes to dress in princess clothes or Anna's dresses.  We are hoping this doesn't last.  Anna was fine with it a first, but then one day said,  I don't want to share my dresses with you.  

Not sure what Connor was laughing at here, but such a cute smile.

Justin getting ready to open presents, with Connor looking on.

We very seldom get to see Anna with her hair fixed.  She generally just wears it down and hanging in her face.  I just love it when she lets Avery fix her hair.  

Anna is the sweet tooth of the three.
Yesterday, when we got there at 9am to watch them, she had helped herself to a cupcake for her breakfast even though dad told her no.  
I was helping her on her birthday, eating a cupcake.  She had dessert before dinner.

This is after singing Happy Birthday to each one separately and then telling them to say "Cheese" for a picture.  Can't you just tell? (the cheesy smile) lol



And some of the things they love to do.
Play in water.



Connor in the green, Justin is in blue and Anna is curled up in 
Nona's (Rhonda's) lap


Out with the neighbors in kayaks on Lake Oswego




All 3 in the kayak.

They love to go on hikes with mom & dad at Lescher Farm.

Not sure where this is.

This is right off the hill in front of their house.  They got to go sledding and had so much fun.

The next 2 pictures were Government Camp up in the mountains.  They spent a couple days of there with the neighbors.

And lastly, Anna takes after her mother and loves to shop.

She really wanted this watering can and at the last minute Ramie dumped it from the cart and didn't buy it.
In the car, Anna, crying, said to her why did you not buy me the watering can?
Ramie felt so bad, went back and got it the next day.

And they all got their own little flower box to plant their own flowers.

Connor in red, Justin in blue and Anna

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

CAS Christmas April 2021 Reminder

There is still plenty of time to enter CAS Christmas's Rainbow challenge hosted by Trina.  Come see all of the inspiration by the team.

I used MFT's Stitched Stockings with Gina K. inks and the sentiment is from AI-Sleigh Bells

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Monday, April 12, 2021

Just Us Girls #579

Two cards using different colors in this technique for the JUGS Challenge.  This was on Gina K's Stamp & Chat Lives, stamping on vellum, but you used two different stencils, one for the background and one on vellum to create an ethereal look as Gina calls it.
The first one created some browns because I used colors across from each other on the color wheel. So I had to try it with secondary colors which is the second card.

I used Gina K's Daisy Chain and a miscellaneous leaf stencil, with Gina's inks.  I think they are prettier in real life....

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