Saturday, January 30, 2016

On Line Card Class Day 6- Expressive Florals and Leaves -2

This is my last card for the On Line Intermediate Water Color class.  This class was so great if you are an artist, which I am not.  I was able to do some of the techniques, but there were some, try as I might, could not even come close.
I am impressed that I was able to freehand this card. Yah, can you believe it?  This was a combination of Kristina's and Jennifer's techniques.  Kristina takes a picture like the one I have here to use it as an example of how to design her card, and then I used Jennifer's flowers, cause I wasn't able to re-create the ones in the photo.
Great, great class but I'm afraid a little (lot) above my skill level... 


  1. This is a really lovely card! You did a wonderful job with it. great job with the class!

  2. Love this one too...beautiful design and again, lovely colors! I think you and Colleen both did great in this class...I'm very impressed!! :0)

  3. These beautiful flowers prove you weren't in over your head! I haven't reached Day 6 yet. You're way ahead of me.

  4. Very nice! I am struggling with the flowers.


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