Thursday, September 25, 2014

On Line Card Class - Copics - Day 4

My 4th day in the Copics Coloring Class and I am really happy with my results.  I can't say enough about this class.  So helpful and awesome.
I could hardly wait to get home and try out the flowers.  Every Thursday morning I grocery shop for my 94 year old dad, then we go to I-Hop for breakfast and then I take him for a drive.  Normally, I don't mind going but today I just wanted to stay home and practice.  I finally got home about 1:00 and got to try the flowers.  The purple flowers were the hardest, they just didn't want to blend even though they were in the same color family.  So much fun.  
I see I forgot to use my gel pen to color the stamens.  Looks much better finished.


Sharon Underwood said...

I did the exact same thing on my purple flower - forgot to add the white center. Oh well, it still looks good! All your flowers look great!

Tracey McNeely said...

Your Copic class is obviously going well, thanks for sharing!

Tracey McNeely said...

...sorry i wasn't done. I love that you take your Dad shopping and for a drive, you are a good daughter. I took both my parents for hearing tests today

Kim Heggins said...

More wonderful and beautiful samples are so good at this. I have to agree with Tracey, you are such a sweet daughter.