Sunday, August 24, 2014

SAF 2014 Ancient Rome with Lizzie - 4

Another mosiac card from Ancient Rome.  This one took a long time because my back paper did not come off in one piece, so I ended up having to put the pieces back together like a puzzle.  It took awhile to do, but  I was lucky and didn't lose any pieces like Colleen.  We had quite a laugh about that, (really hard belly uncontrollable laugh) but I will let her tell you what happened. Colleen's Missing Pieces  You probably had to be there....But I'm still breaking into full laughter when I think of it.
If I had realized the die was so small, I would not put the butterflies on the edges of the paper, but more to the center.


Colleen said...

Really pretty mosaic card, Lin!!

Kim Heggins said...

wow...I love this one. So far this is my favorite of all you have made. Just amazing.

Patti said...

Very nice!! I think you did an outstanding job! Now I'm off to read Colleen's post : )

Mickey Jo said...

i love this reminds me of serendipity technique. I found your site through Patti. I also want to tell you that you are one of the 6 ladies I chose to get the Crafty Blogspot Award. Go to my site and find out more about this. Also please follow me.
Can't wait to see what other cards you create.