Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday - August 19th - Crafting

This is what I worked on today in my craft studio.  No challenges.  I made two sets of Thank you cards using Jessica Witty's process of impressing the image instead of die cutting them.  I impressed the frame and then used the stamp set from Pretty Peonies.  I also made one set from Beautiful Butterflies, but I had posted that during SAF when we first worked on that Challenge.  Last Friday I took my excess cards into the Salon where I get my hair cut and she is going to put them out and hopefully they will sell.  I don't want to grow a business but it is fun to get some money for the cards that I make then use that towards more craft purchases.  Well, that is probably all for today.  I am on vacation this week and am going out to Lake Tapps for some relaxation, reading, and time with grandkids and family.  Should be fun....


  1. Great set of csrds Lin...I like how that die looks with it impressed into the paper!

  2. Wow, these are just so beautiful...what a fabulous set of thank you cards...I go through so many at school writing thank you's to parents and students for things that they do and this would be a wonderful set to make. thanks for the beautiful inspiration!


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