Thursday, July 30, 2020

Days in the lives of The Toddlers

I have been promising a post for quite awhile and finally getting around to it.  Gone are the days of perfectly posed pictures.  Here is kind of a hodgepodge of pictures that I have and in no particular order.  Hopefully, I can tell who is who in the pictures.  It's much harder than IRL and sometimes not easy then either.  Usually, we can tell by the bumps on the forward but sometimes they both have them around the same places.  Justin is the one who had stitches last time and he keeps hitting the same spot.  Then he hit another spot on his forehead on a concrete block outside.  It wasn't as bad as the first one and didn't require stitches.
They are so busy, running around like crazy.  Rhonda & I are constantly catching our breath hoping that they are ok.  They are talking in 2-3 word sentences and repeat everything we say.  It is so amazing how much they learn in the first couple of years. 
They are such a joy in our lives.  So glad I moved down here to watch them grow.
Love these little ones!!!!

Anna, Mom & Connor

Connor (I think)

Justin (you can tell by the scar on forehead)

All 3 playing with magnetic letters


Anna building blocks

Maybe Connor

Anna & Justin?

Anna, Connor & Justin

Anna trying on a hat at the store before Covaid19

Mom & Connor

Connor, Justin & Anna 

This is what happens the minute Ramie turns her back and has her hands full of play-doh that she is making for them.  Lol

Anna looks like she is ready for school 

If you look very closely, Avery is in the middle of the picture.  She graduated from Jr. High.

The Super Triplets
Anna, Justin, Connor

Connor is wearing Anna's Tutu and doing the Chicken Dance.
So cute.

Justin and mom. The is the spot where he hit is head on the concrete blocks.

                                                                                    Justin, doesn't he just look so old?

Dad, Mom,
Another guess,  Connor, Justin & Anna

Well hope you all enjoy and hope you all are staying safe.

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  1. Super sweet! Love the updates, and love being in on their family time. Love you too, Lin. Hope all is well with you in your new digs. Wish we could all be together again. Take care!

  2. what fun to see them here...I miss them!

  3. What a bright spot to a crazy day! Thank you for bringing these precious babies to us! I know they are exhausting but so worth it! Glad you can spend lots of time with them! xoxo

  4. Thank you so much for the update Lin...totally made me smile and laugh! Love your captions and guesses on who is who...too funny! So glad you're not missing out on any of this growing up time...passes much too quickly! Take care and stay safe, and thanks again for sharing...loved it!! 😊💙💗💙

  5. These are all adorable, Linda, thank you for sharing. I'm sure you and Rhonda wish you were triplets at times so you could keep up with them easier, lol! I just loved this stage where they start talking and repeating everything. You can practically SEE the sponge their brains are! I did NOT do this, but I remember telling Kevin what power parents have at this stage ... I mean, you could tell them horses were cows and flowers were trees! Right? Of course no one would, but it just shows how careful you have to be in what you say! It looks like you might have at least two lefties? I love the bench the whole family fits on. I also noticed how clean the whole house is! You guys are amazing!! Enjoy and stay well! Hugs, Darnell

  6. OMG...the triplets sure have grown and are so mobile and busy!!! So much fun watching them interact and learn every minute of the day. All the photos are so precious. Thank you so much Lin for sharing your adorable grand-toddlers:-) Stay Safe my friend. Love and Hugs..Nancy

  7. Oh my goodness, they're all getting so big. That picture of Anna with the backpack on looks just like she's leaving for school. Nooooooo! What a bundle of busy-ness and joy! They're all so precious and I got a big kick out of how you said you can tell the boys apart by the bumps on their foreheads. haha! My goodness you guys have your hands full. Thanks for sharing your delightful update!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing the update photos of the triplets. They sure are growing and getting into everything. Ha! So much love and joy. Hope you are doing well also.

  9. I'm so happy to see these great pictures. It is so wonderful that you are a big part of their lives and watching them grow up and teaching them at the same time. Those curls are adorable. It's fun to see them doing their daily activities and how inquisitive they are. What a handful but oh, so much fun. Thanks for sharing these. We want to watch them grow up too.

  10. Oh my gosh, Linda. They are SO ADORABLE! They look so happy and I can imagine them getting into all sorts of things. You and Rhonda must laugh a lot when you are with them. I bet they give the best cuddles too! :) Thanks for sharing the sweet pics! xx

  11. They are such adorable cuties & your are so lucky to live close to them. My aunt Millie Foss used to live in Maple Valley & owned Foss's Lake & Resort. Have not been there in years but was such a beautiful place. But grandbabies are more fun!!

  12. Oh gosh Linda the pictures are so adorable and perfect way to start a day! The picture of Anna in her back pack is too cute and dose look like she is going school:) Also loved the one when they climbed up on the counter..... so full of energy and they are fast, lol! Glad to see them all happy and well.

  13. Oh, my!! What a darling sight to see!! Such awesome photos of the triplets! And, a family photo, too! Connor wearing the tutu and the costumes on them with being super triplets, lol...just too darn cute!!!


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