Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Triplet Update Halloween, Trip to the Ocean & Santa Picture

It has been quite a while since I posted an update on those babies who are toddlers now.
Halloween photo shoot didn't go too well for Justin. He didn't like the spider around his neck and I don't blame him.  Ramie thinks she's scarred him for life.  And as you will see in the last picture, it is Justin again crying with Santa.  Poor baby.  He seems to be the sensitive one.  You can tell when his little lip just starts quivering.

Justin, Connor & Anna

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on the day before Halloween and the patch was pretty bare and this was the second one we went to.  The kids had so much fun though.  Behind us is a hay stack for pictures.

They had a special day at the Portland Zoo for Halloween and the kids dressed up as dragons.
The night of Halloween, the door would ring and the babies ran to the door to see who was there and Anna started handing out the candy.  All you would see is these cute little tails scurrying to the door.  So adorable....

Newport Beach- Babies first trip to the Ocean and they had a great time.
We were supposed to go on MTW but Ramie had to fly to get her mom from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where she was getting a second opinion.  Unfortunately, she has  chronic lung disease and has to be on oxygen the rest of her life.  She stayed with Ramie's sister in Seattle for a week and then came back with Ramie.
Anyway, they changed their plans to go to the ocean on W-F and we had to go to dad's on Friday so were not able to go and as it turned out Kelly invited us for Thanksgiving dinner so we went up a day early and dinner with them.  We had an early Thanksgiving with Brad & Ramie, the older girls and Ramie's sister's family and Col and Scott.

Time out for lunch
Dad & Anna 

Connor & Mom

 Mom & Justin

 Fun on the beach.

And lastly, a visit with Santa.  Apparently, when Ramie tried to put Anna on Santa's lap she started crying too.  So Justin wasn't the only one afraid of Santa.  In fact, I have a picture of Brad crying while on Santa's lap with his arm stretched out for me to get him.

Unfortunately, since the day after Thanksgiving we have all been sick with flu like symptoms.  First it started with Brad, then Ramie, the babies have colds, and Rhonda came down with it last Wednesday (when we had to watch the babies & Avery Wednesday through Thursday) and me a couple days later.  It was our first overnight watching the babies.  Rhonda and I spent the whole weekend binge watching A Million Little Things and New Amsterdam.  And I have not yet been able to set a time to spend in my craft room.

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MiamiKel said...

Oh what a blessed family! Triplets! Wow! Wonderful photos and so very cute - that spider would scare me, too!

Darnell said...

Bless you, Lin! You've made my day with these photos, although I'm very sorry to hear the yuckies have been making the rounds. Feel better soon! Those family beach photos are spectacular! So hard to get ONE kid to pose for a photo, let alone three of them! (And, really, why would they even have a giant spider for kids photos?!) Happy Holiday hugs all around! xxoo Darnell

JoAnn said...

Oh, I loved seeing the pictures of the triplets. They sure are growing. Poor Justin, I would not like that spider around my neck either. Thanks for sharing these adorable photos.
A very Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and family. Hugs.

Marcia Hill said...

FABULOUS pics Lin...those babies just get cuter and cuter!! And we have our fair share of crying kiddos with Santa too!! Sorry to hear about the crud going through your family...we had it too starting the day after Thanksgiving! Hope Christmas is much healthier for all of you my friend! Hugs. 😊❤

Marybeth said...

Linda I am tired just read all this! Absolutely stunning photos of everyone! I wouldn’t like the spider either but the pictures are so cute! Love the Christmas photo with those plaid shirts ! Crafting might be on hold till after Christmas. I love that they all go so many places with the little ones. Thanks for sharing!
I was able to comment using my phone and copying the email I sent you. Nothing like the hard way,lol

Bonnie said...

What a treat, Lin! Those babies are just the cutest and I always love to see how they are growing and changing! Hope you all are feeling better now and will be all well for Christmas! I'm sure it will be a really exciting time! Thanks so much for sharing.

Kim Heggins said...

Linda...I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all those wonderful and sweet babies, just adorable. I don't blame them, that spider was so big. Love that your brought us all up to date! Wishing you and your wonderful family a very Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Such adorable babies! Great photos from Halloween and the beach - I don't think I'd like that giant spider around me either!

Loll said...

Adorable!! They have grown so much. Looks like they had a fun time at the pumpkin patch and especially at the beach. And a great picture of the family with Santa, even though everyone wasn't happy about being that close to Santa. :) So sweet! Hope you and the rest of the family are feeling better. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Merry Christmas! Love, Loll

Kara Lynne said...

So fun to see all of the festivities with those darling grands! Sorry to hear you all got sick, but hopefully everyone will be well for Christmas!

Brenda in IN said...

I just said I was having withdrawal pains from not seeing pictures of the babies so this is so perfect. How adorable they are! No spiders for me either so I don't blame them. Those yellow boots are the cutest ever. I hope you all get to feeling better in time for Christmas. I hate to hear that about Ramie's mother. If she is healthy otherwise being on oxygen probably won't slow her down. She can take the portable with her and keep on keeping on.

Trina P. said...

Wow, your grandtriplets are growing so fast. They are absolutely adorable. Sorry everyone has been under the weather, but hopefully this means you are all better for Christmas. Sending speedy get well wishes your way.

Greta said...

Love seeing all the pictures, Linda! Those kiddos are just so cute--can't believe how big they've gotten! Sure hope everyone is soon feeling good again--no time to be sick! Happy Holidays!

Patti said...

Thanks a bunch for the update!! I raced over when I saw your email but I didn't have time to comment until now, forgive me. I have had a wonderful time looking at each picture enjoying the blessing the Lord has given you. Thanks a bunch for sharing!!