Tuesday, July 2, 2019

CAS Watercolour July 2019 Bouquet of Flowers Special Event

Happy Birthday to one of the most beloved ladies in blogland.
We each were supplied a portion of blueberry cardstock (see story below) to create a birthday card for Darnell.

Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend.

Special Event
Please join us in celebrating Darnell's Birthday!!
One more part to this special event.
The team has made special cards for Darnell's birthday,
along with our Guest Designer Leslie,
and several Featured Designers (friends from the retreat).

During our retreat, Darnell (Dolly to us) was up early one morning
and decided she wanted some frozen blueberries.
Some how she spilled almost the whole, Costco-sized bag of
blueberries all over the floor.

Bonnie snapped these pictures.
See the swipe of blueberries on the right photo??  Dolly couldn't find a broom so she grabbed
a large piece of card stock to pick up the berries.  As they thawed, the blueberry juice
"smooshed" on the cardstock in a lovely design that looked perfect for card making.

Well, without Dolly knowing, we kept that piece of blueberry smoosh and cut it up.
Each Designer has used one piece in making Dolly's birthday cards. :)

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  1. Your die cut red tulips look beautiful layered over your smooshed blueberries Linda! What a fun and clever idea to use these backgrounds!

  2. Love the whole story Linda and you girls were so smart to keep the stained cardstock! Love the piece you received as its perfect with your gorgeous blooms. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

  3. FABULOUS card Lin!! Your tulips look amazing against that blueberry smooshed panel and Darnell is going to be so tickled to see all these beautiful creations that came from her BIG spill!! Lovely, lovely card my friend! Have you moved yet or even found a new house yet? Thinking about you lots and hope you aren't stressing too much! Take care. Hugs. :0)

  4. Linda, this is a wonderful card for Darnell's birthday. The retreat was so much fun and the blueberry spill just topped it off :)

  5. Beautiful bouquet of tulips to set against Darnell's blueberry cardstock! Love the way the sentiment wraps around the bouquet!

  6. Hi Lin...your pretty tulips look so beautiful with the bit of blueberry smooshing in the background. A big blueberry mess turned into a fun and creative birthday surprise for our dear silly girlfriend, Dolly:-) Hugs...Nancy

  7. Love those gorgeous tulips in bright pink, Lin! So pretty and great job fussy-cutting them. They look fantastic with the blueberry smoosh background. xx

  8. Stunning pink tulips! They look fantastic with the blueberry backdrop:)

  9. I opened your card yesterday, Lin, and your bright pink tulips are so stunning in person! I love the banner sediment, too! I'm telling you, I was so surprised by all this and feel so loved! You girls did amazing works of art considering the blueberry bumble isn't prezackly the prettiest when it dries! Thank you so much for making me a keepsake card! I miss you! Hugs, Darnell

  10. Gorgeous tulips, Linda! They look so pretty against the blueberry bumble piece! It brings back happy memories of card making side by side with you. I wish we could do that more often! Thanks so much for joining in our celebration!

  11. Your bright pink bouquet of tulips is beautiful, Linda. Great use of the blueberry panel... I struggled with mine. xx

  12. I love how your pretty rose-colored tulips are just touching into the blueberry smoosh. The colors go beautifully together. What fun this has been and a big surprise for Darnell!

  13. How fun to use the blueberry stained cardstock! I know Darnell loves all her cards! Your flowers are so pretty, Linda!

  14. Such a fun tribute! Your bright tulips are beautiful on their background of blueberry smoosh!


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