Friday, February 8, 2019

PTI - Laurie's Fabulous Favorites Challenge #1

So this is the 1st of PTI's  Win It Wednesday Challenge
I am trying to use NBUS stamp sets that have been sitting on my desk for months and Mixed Bouquet is one of those sets.   There are so many pieces to this set, if was hard to put them together, but finally was able to make a bouquet.
I used CP inks 
Just the Jar die
Keep It Simple Get Well

Laurie picked a floral as one of her favorite stamp sets Peonies on Parade
Round two of the snow started about an hour ago.  It is so beautiful but we just don't drive in it enough to feel comfortable driving.  And our caretaker for dad just cancelled so that means we have to somehow go over there.  
Hard to see but the snow is really coming down.  

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  1. Your card bouquet is just lovely Lin! I have that same set and have never used it either...guess I better get on the stick!! It's hard to believe that with you being in one of the northern states that you don't get much snow...we've been bombarded with snow, polar vortex, freezing rain, and more snow all in the past 2 weeks and I've had enough!! So many things to do and we can't get out! Schools were closed ALL last week (and we always get snow in the Winter so schools typically never close) and were closed 3 days this week too! What a mess!! Hope the weather calms down for you too my friend!! :0)

  2. Oh, no. Please be careful on the slippery roads, Lin. I hope the snow stops soon! I love your sweet wildflower bouquet in the pretty jar! This card is bound to make someone feel better!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous bouquet, Lin! I love the way you've done the jar so it looks so realistic and those bright, happy flowers that are bound to make someone feel better! Be careful on those roads. Snow is much nicer when you can enjoy it from inside and not go out in it.

  4. Your bouquet is gorgeous, Lin! I think that one would sit on my desk forever too because I wouldn't know where to start. I have to say you mastered it right away! I'm so sorry to hear about the road conditions especially where your dad is concerned. Your bouquet is a breath of spring in all this winter weather!

  5. Beautiful floral bouquet, Linda!

  6. Your card is so pretty Lin. Love the bouquet of brightly colours flowers. Great vase too! We have been hit hard with snow as well. I love it when I don't have to go anywhere, otherwise it's a pain ... and I feel sorry for those that have to commute to work every day. Hope you are able to get to your dad's without any problems. Take care and stay warm and dry! xx


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