Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Triplet Update

So no card today, just an update and pictures on these sweet little babies.
Last Saturday, the 26th, they turned 9 months old and they are evolving into little moving machines.
Connor and Justin are doing the army crawl and Anna is moving about by just rolling from place to place.  They had their 9 month check up and are all doing so well.  They are in the lower percentiles as far as weight and size but that is to be expected.  The boys are 19 lbs. and Anna is 17 lbs.  All are doing fine.
Hope you enjoy these pictures.

Empress (Anna) 

What sweet little reindeer
Connor, Anna, Justin 

Christmas Eve with the older girls, Maddy, Avery, Kailey
Connor, Anna & Justin

Maddy's 18th birthday at Puerta Vallarta 

Grandma & Anna at Maddy's birthday 






Justin get his first tatoo 

Connor, Anna & Justin 

They recently have had their first taste of baby foods like carrots, apple and pears, bananas.  This is Connor with the new method of feeding babies who will not eat solids.  Don't have a picture to show but my sister shared a video on FB and Connor was not about to open his mouth.  It was so funny and the face he made was priceless.
So the idea behind this is to put spoonful's of food on high chair and then the carrot which they rub it in or play with it with their hands.  Of course everything goes into their mouths so that helps them get used to the texture and helps with the gagging reflex.  Not the cleanest of methods but whatever works.  Lol....   You should see him when he really gets messy.

Eating this solid food is hard work.  Anna fell asleep in her little bathrobe.  After they are done playing and eating, it is time for a bath.  

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Loll said...

They are teh cutest babies EVER!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, Lin. This has really brightened my day beyond belief. And what a lovely picture of Brad's six children. ife is great! I have to say that Anna's picture in her pretty orange dress could be in a magazine. She is beautiful and so, so happy! xx

Colleen said...

They are the cutest little ones I have ever seen! I hope they will be coming down with YOU in the near future! would love to have another visit with them! And Mom & Dad too! And maybe even you Grandma!

Patti said...

These are priceless Linda! I have been so thrilled to watch their progress and all Jesus has done for each of your family members! : )

Marcia Hill said...

These pictures just made my day too Lin!! They really could not be any cuter and I just love how much they all smile!! LOVE the pic of all 6 of the kids too...what a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing Lin!! 😊

Bonnie said...

These babies look like they're so much fun! What a delight! I can see that the triplets older sisters dote on them too! What a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing. I needed a triplet fix!

Marybeth said...

Oh thank you so much for sharing the triplets and your beautiful family today! Oh how full your heart must be. They are all growing so fast and they are so adorable. Love the little outfits too!
Miss you!

Darnell said...

How did you know I was aching for an update, Lin?! Thank you SO much for sharing how beautiful and healthy these little triples are!! It is such a fun age when they really start moving around and becoming opinionated, but still love a cuddle. I'll have to go check out the video! We need a Skype soon ~ miss you lots! Hugs, Darnell

Birgit said...

Oh my goodness, what a huggable post! They're all getting so big and just as cute as can be! So fun that they're starting to move around so much but boy, look out when they really do. You'll all be chasing them around everywhere. What fun! Thanks for the update. I always look forward to your posts about them!

Kara Lynne said...

Can't get enough of those little cuties! They all look so healthy and happy!

Greta said...

Oh wow--what sweethearts! Love seeing the pictures, but can't believe they're 9 months old! So glad they're all doing well!