Monday, December 17, 2018

Make It Monday #345 with Lizzie Creating Ombre Sentiments & Triplets

Wow it has been such a long time since I have played in my craft room.  I was able to make a card for this week's MIM with Lizzie and it went really well.  I really miss crafting.
Click to see Lizzie's card and video creating Ombre Sentiments
I sponged Distress Inks in an ombre pattern and then die cut Bold Borders, Yuletide
The sentiment is Ombre Sentiments Christmas which is really green.  It almost looks black in the picture.  Nuvo Jewel Drops - Strawberry.

And now a few pictures from the Triplets wishing you all a Merry Christmas
They are 7 months and will turn 8 months on December 26th.  Wow, how can that be?
They are all on the verge of crawling, rolling all over the living room now, getting stuck under the couch and too close to the Christmas tree trying to get the ornaments.  And when we come in and they look up and smile at us it just warms your heart.  Love these babies so much....

Here are our little gifts from God.

Here are big sisters, Avery with Connor, Maddy with Anna and Kailey with Justin
I am so blessed.

 Ramie calls these her second set of Triplets

 Grandma holding Connor & Anna and Auntie Nona (Rhonda) holding Justin

Grandma with her hands full of babies.  Connor, Anna & Justin 

Avery & babies visit Santa 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Beautiful ombre card Lin and even more beautiful pictures of all your grandkids!! I love how much the boys look like their daddy! You most definitely have been blessed! Enjoy every minute of this holiday season with your lovely family!! Hugs!! 😊♥️♥️♥️

  2. Oh, my, but these pictures warm my heart, Lin! Those babies and their big sisters are treasures! I especially love the picture with Daddy and the boys! Those boys have mischief written all over them! Their Daddy too! Avery has her hands full!

    The card is beautiful too in all it's ombre goodness. But the grandkids steal the show! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Amazing!! I have to confess, Linda that my eyes always hurry to scan your blog post title to see if there is a triplet update! : ) heeheehee BOTH sets of your triplets are beautiful!! the babies are growing so fast and Miss Anna is all girl!

    Oh! and your card is beautiful!! I love that cover plate!! you colored it perfectly!

    Thank you so very much for the lovely Christmas card you sent! I am so blessed to have a Linda original!! : )

    BIG (((hugs))) and Merry Christmas!

  4. Fabulous card my friend and those babies are just the cutest ever!!

  5. First, beautiful card Lin! So great that you found some time to get inky!!

    Those babies are so sweet! And they look happy and healthy! Amazing how well they have done from the start. I LOVE the picture of the three triplets with their big sisters. That is such a wonderful picture and one to treasure. And I love the beautiful gifts in front of the Christmas tree. It's like they know what's happening and are smiling their biggest smiles. The three of them is quite a handful for you Lin! :) Another special picture. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas and wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! Love, Loll

  6. My heart is just so full seeing those gorgeous kids on display for us, including the older sisters and Daddy and the grandmothers! I've scrolled up and down a dozen times and still want to look again and again! I've said all along that those boys look like Xerox copies of their daddy and, Lin, you look so beautiful with your arms full of miracle babies! I love that you included a photo of Anna without a smile! She is ALWAYS smiling, with a twinkle in her eyes, but that photo without her smiling made me laugh out loud! She's thinking, oh, good grief, stop taking photos or at least give me a moment to relax my face, lol! Send more soon!! I love seeing them and the whole family!

    And although it was hard to focus, I do love your ombre delightful card! I'm glad you found a bit of time to get in the craft room and I hope you can do it more often in the new year. I know how much you love it and miss it! 🎄Happy Holiday Hugs and Love, Darnell

  7. Oh my goodness, Linda! The babies are just too adorable and getting so big! Love seeing their sweet faces~I'm sure their individual personalities are starting to shine through! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us, have a wonderful Christmas! {{{HUGS}}}
    PS: your card is fabulous too! :-)

  8. Your card is beautiful Linda but I admit those little ones steal the show. How wonderful that there's a baby for each girl to hold. Your grandkids are all just beautiful!! Love the pictures of the littles with their grands. You've definitely got your hands full of love!! So, so, SO sweet!!! Have a very Merry Christmas with them this year.

  9. Hi Lin
    Loving your header... did you do it yourself?...
    Those Babies are gorgeous... wow there so sweet.. would love to cuddle them...
    and there sisters are gorgeous ...
    what lovely family photos
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  10. Well...your card is simply wonderful and oh my goodness what a bunch of cuties! Cheers.

  11. Your post made my day! Love seeing these babies and older sisters updates! What a fun, fun Christmas ahead of you all! The card is just right for this challenge too!

  12. Beautiful card and I love the family photos!

  13. Simply beautiful your sweet family photos, makes me smile from ear to ear seeing those sweet babies! Merry Christmas!

  14. Oh my goodness--already 8 months old?! Happy Birthday to those sweetie pies! The pictures are family treasures, for sure! Glad you found some time to craft, Linda--gorgeous card & makes me want to use that die I haven't even cut yet!


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