Monday, November 5, 2018

CAS Watercolour November 2018 Challenge & Triplet Update

A card for this month's CAS Watercolour

It took me 3 times to come up with this card.  I first tried with my Distress Inks, then tried my Gansai Tambi and I didn't care for either of these.  Then I decided to try my Inktense Pencils for that watercolor look, which I liked much better.
Avery Elle Holiday Bouquet
PTI's Bold Borders for the sentiment
PTI's Pierced Feature Frame Oval

And I have had many requests for a triplet update.
On the 26th they turned 6 months old.  Wow time flies.  And they are just the cutest and sweetest babies. (well most of the time).  Justin seems to be the one who needs more attention.  Lol  He is rolling over, then after about 10 seconds gets mad cause he can't get back over yet.  Connor is turning to the side in his sleep and on the verge of turning over.  Anna turned over a couple of times several weeks ago but hasn't done so since.
They are all talking, squealing and laughing.  Oh my gosh it is just so precious to see.  They had their 6 month check up and seem to be closing the gap from the premature status.  
Here you go, you asked for pictures and there were so many cutes ones.

Justin Standing in Florida

 Anna in the new outfit grandma bought


Avery & Connor 

Dad & Justin in Florida 

Date night for mom & dad
This is my front yard.  They brought the babies to us. 

6 month photo 

Mom & Anna 

Mom and Anna

Dad with Connor, Anna, & Justin in Florida.  Not sure what Connor is doing...

Halloween picture in front of their house 

Justin & Connor 

Connor Anna & Justin (I think) 

They were going to be Goldilocks and the 3 bears for Halloween but had their check up and 7 shots apiece so didn't go out. 

Justin & Dad at Avery's soccer game 

Justin & Dad at Avery's soccer game  

Connor, Anna & Justin 

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Loll said...

Card first ... gorgeous!! Love your pencil colouring of this beautiful image. I have that stamp set and LOVE IT! I credit (blame) Colleen for me buying it ... she helps me to spend money and I bet she does the same thing to you, Lin!! :)

Those triplets ... what can I say .... they are SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! Amazing pictures grandma! All three look so happy and healthy, you'd never know they were premature. And Justin looks happy standing and getting a good taste of the sofa!! The pictures of the triplets at 6 months and at Halloween are so special. Wonderful keepsakes for mom and dad to look at for years to come. Thanks for the update Lin!! xx

Bonnie said...

What a treat, Lin! They are so adorable and are showing such personality! I know they are lots of fun to be around and you miss them when they're not. Love your poinsettias too, but I've got to say the card is eclipsed by those babies! Avery is a beauty too!

Darnell said...

I have to tell you how much I love your beautiful Christmas card with the double oval frame and stunning pencil watercoloring, Lin, or I will forget all about it! I'm sorry it gave you fits, but the end result is worth it!

Thank you so much for sharing these photos of those darling little babies! Six months is great, even for these premies, they are looking very solid so you can toss them around a bit more easily. That sounded wrong, but you know what I mean! I so enjoy seeing the twins and how identical they are as little mini-daddys, but yet they have their distinct expressions! And little Anna just seems to be smiling or laughing all the time! Avery looks like a huge help and Mom looks stunning! Those punkin and spider photos are magazine-worthy! Can't wait to see the Thanksgiving and Christmas photos!! Love to all! Darnell

Greta said...

Oh my goodness--cannot believe how much the triplets have grown & how totally adorable they are! Love Anna's headbands! Oh & yes--I love your card, too! Beautiful work with the colored pencils, Lin!

Christine Alexander said...

OMG the triplets are growing so big and so adorable :)
By the way love your poinsettia card, great watercolour pencil colouring, I should pull mine out it's been a while.

Birgit said...

Oh my goodness, there's so much cuteness here I can hardly stand it. I want to jump through my computer screen and come see these little babies for real!! They are so, SO CUTE! How do you do anything else but love on them 24/7? I think I would be magnetized to them and never leave. haha! I guess that's probably a good thing they belong to you and not me. ;0) I have no self restraint. Anyway.... Sorry to ramble on like that but gosh they're so fun to look at. I love how Anna has a delicate look of her own yet resembles her darling brothers as well. She is definitely girly and as sweet as can be! I love the picture of your son holding all three of them. Connor's facial expression just cracks me up. I had to clean the coffee off my chin from giggling at the same time I was drinking my coffee. heehee! What fun it is to see your triplet updates. They're growing so fast and I can just imagine how busy life is now. Oh gee, I can't forget your beautiful card Lin! Your water coloring turned out fabulous. Hooray for you for trying different methods of water coloring. I would have given up after the first try. I have no patience I guess. Anyway, your whole post was a treat for my tired eyes. Thanks for lifting my day Linda!

Marcia Hill said...

Your card is absolutely BEAUTIFUL Lin and yay to you for not giving up! I've never used inktense pencils before but may have to give them a try as I love how your card turned out with them! And oh my, your grandbabies just get cuter and CUTER all the time!! They definitely look like triplets, but yet have their own look too! And the smiles...oh they melt my heart just from the pictures so I can only imagine what they do to you in person!! You have been so blessed Linn...enjoy every bit of it!! And thanks so much too for sharing your card with us at CAS Watercolour!! :0)

JoAnn said...

Your card is gorgeous. Love your pretty colored poinsettias and how you framed them.
The photos of the triplets are just adorable, they are so precious and I know grandma doesn't mind babysitting while mom & dad go on date night.:) Have a wonderful day.

Susan said...

The triplets are adorable - love them in their Goldilocks and the Three Bears outfits - so cute!

A beautiful poinsettia card - great use of the Inktense pencils. And I love the oval framing.

Patti said...

Oh my gosh Linda you should not put such a stunning card before pictures of the triplets because, as amazing!! as it is, it pales in comparison! Wow!! they are so adorable!! Thank you for sharing these pictures. I love each unique and delightful expression!! you can see their personalities begin to take shape! Your face must hurt from smiling!!

BIG (((Hugs)))

Nancy said...

I don't even now what to say! As I was scrolling through this post I could feel my smile getting bigger and bigger! I am so impressed with how much they do with those kids. The Halloween pictures are adorable! They are changing so quickly and you can see personalities beginning to take shape! Now for your card....It's really fabulous!! Your watercoloring is wonderful and the layout I really love! Great talking with you too! HUGS!

Kara Lynne said...

Six months already?! Those photos are amazing, Linda! Those darlings are just so precious! Avery, Mom, and Dad are just as cute interacting with them! Back to you and your card... What gorgeous depth you created with your Inktense pencils! I love the white and cream together too!