Saturday, August 25, 2018

PTI's SAF with Dawn Planting Your Garden with Dawn McVey

This is the first year that I have not been with my BFF for SAF.  She recently underwent knee replacement surgery and is recuperating.  I originally was going to go down for SAF but we decided that it was best to come down after she was up and running.  I sure miss crafting with her and getting our mojo going together.
Well, it is 1:30 West Coast time and I am posting my first card.  I tried Betsy's watercolor technique and not real happy with it, but will try to make a card with it.
This card by Dawn is more in my wheelhouse, lots of bold colors and flowers.
I used Garden Party and made my own stencil to do the leaves.
And die cut the flowers and used my CP inks.

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  1. Hi Lin! Happy SAF. You're not with Colleen? See you both posted back to back with gorgeous layered creations. I'm behind as well. Glad we have some time to make up! Hugs!

  2. STUNNING card Linda. Absolutely gorgeous. Great flowers and color.

  3. Very pretty flower sprays Lin. Gorgeous mix of colours! And great idea to make a leaf stencil --- worked perfectly! I know you must miss Colleen, but think of the fun you'll have together when she's up and about! Hope you are getting lots of cuddle time with the triplets. xx

  4. Pretty! Pretty Lin!! What lovely cool colors in your flower garden. I'm sure you do miss having your sidekick with you but at least you have those darling little trips to take up your time. Sending (hugs) my friend.

  5. You are so right Lin...we did use the same stamp sets on both this card and the water colored Poppy! Guess we must have been on the same wavelength!! I love how you did your own stencils for the leaves...I don't have the dies for this set so I left out the stenciling on my card! And your flowers are so pretty with the bold and bright colors...beautiful, beautiful card Lin!! :0)


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