Monday, August 28, 2017

Stamp-A-Faire 2017 is over.

Well, another year of playing along with Colleen in PTI's annual SAF.  We always have so much fun creating together.  It's nice to have someone along side of you when you get stuck and need some help or give you a suggestion.  We work so well together.   But tomorrow I head back to the real world and back to responsibilities.  
Thanks my friend for such a great time.  Love you.....

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  1. Oh Lin, it's been so fun trying to keep up with you and Colleen through this fun event. You made so many amazing projects! How fun it must have been for the two of you to be able to do this together every year. Have safe travels home!

  2. You two are amazing!! So impressed with all the cards and projects you made in these few days. Great job!! xx

  3. We all just love how much you two love each other as BFFs (sisters, really) and how much fun you have together making gorgeous cards! What a great sense of accomplishment that must be to produce all these beauties!! It was great "sharing" your space for a little while yesterday! Big hugs, Darnell

  4. OMG and Colleen really rocked all the challenges these past few days! Your picture is like a whole garden of loveliness and how fun that you got to do this together again! I'm finally getting somewhat caught up on all the challenges...we always celebrate my hubby's birthday with family on the weekend of Stamp-a-faire, so I'm behind every year, but still have fun plugging away at it! :0)

  5. Wow...looks like the two of you had a blast!!! What a fun way to spend the time with your BFF!

  6. How fun that you can do this with Colleen every year! The best way to do the Stamp-a-faire! I've enjoyed all of your cards!

  7. Oh, this photo is frameable! You both look fabulous and it seems like you had another successful SAF weekend~what fun!

  8. What two letters in the alphabet are jealous?


    : ) and that is how I feel when I see the two of your best friends together doing what you both love!!

    You both look wonderful : )



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