Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Two Fun Days with Colleen - Learning about Foiling

About 2 years ago Jennifer McGuire did a video on foiling with 5 different techniques.  I was down at Colleen's and we tried some of her techniques, but were not successful.  Well Col got some new toner sheets from Gina K and some Deco Transfer Gel and we were foiling everything in site.  Here is a sample of cards that I made with them.  The fourth one is the transfer gel that you use with a stencil and the rest are sheets from Gina K's Foil Mates selection.  They are so pretty in real life.  The photos are hard to do because of the reflection.  The last one in particular is bad.  It was done in silver
We are having so much fun trying out this technique.
I've also played a little with my way early birthday present from my friend.  I was truly spoiled.  The second from the bottom is one of the stamp sets she gave me from W Plus 9, Modern Anemones.  

Thanks for stopping by.


Darnell said...

You two get more done in your short time together than lots of others do in months! These are all fabulously foiled and beautiful, Lin!! Hugs, Darnell

Birgit said...

Wow, these are all amazing! I can just imagine how beautiful they are in person. I think the first one is my favorite. Those bright flowers are stunning on the polka dots!

Marcia Hill said...

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS cards Lin! I can just imagine how shiny they are in real life! So glad you and Colleen are having fun together and getting to try new things!! :0)

Loll said...

Awesome cards, Linda! Love all the shine from the foiling. And what a beautiful birthday gift from your BFF! xx

Patti said...

Just beautiful!! the foil adds so much glam!! : ) Hug Colleen for me and get one for yourself too!