Sunday, March 5, 2017

My BFF's Birthday Colleen - March 5th

Today is a very special lady's birthday.  Colleen 
One Smile Lifts a Spirit
Please take a moment and go wish her a Happy Birthday.

I had so much trouble making this card.  I had it all done and was trying to use black enamel accents and it smeared a big blotch that couldn't be hidden.  And then I kept having trouble lining up the second part of the flower and must have re-stamped it 3,4, maybe 5 times.  The orignal frame was a frame that had these colors in it from the Muse card I had recently done and I glued it on so couldn't get it off.  Anyway such a simple card but a lot of work.
MFT's Tropical Flower, CP inks.  MFT Stitched Scallop 

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Tracey McNeely said...

Lin a beautiful card for Colleen, she will love this!

Marcia Hill said...

Doesn't it just drive you nuts when some of the simplest cards take the longest?!! Been there, done that MANY times my friend!! But in the end it turned out beautiful Lin and I know Colleen will LOVE it! :0)

Kim Heggins said...

Oh....I hate when things like this happen. Your card is just beautiful, so sweet and I am sure Colleen will love it.

Darnell said...

The things we'll do for our BFFs!! I'm sure Colleen appreciated all you went through, Lin! It's a really awesome birthday card!! Hope you are feeling better every day! Hugs, Darnell

Birgit said...

What a sweet card to celebrate a wonderful friend! Colleen will just love it! You're such a thoughtful friend. <3

Loll said...

Sweet card for your BFF, Linda. Off to wish her a belated happy. xx