Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PTI ~ Celebrating Past Present and Future 2010

So I was having trouble making a card with this wreath.  I think I have only used it as a Christmas card, but did not want to do Christmas

I was inspired by my Colleen (my BFF's) card below

And she was inspired by this card by Betsy

PTI's Wreath for all Seasons- flowers from Color Pops Butterflies.  And of course I had to add a little butterfly.

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  1. Darling card, Lin, I love your added butterfly!!

  2. Beautiful card your gorgeous wreath! Love Miss Colleen's too!

  3. Lovely, lovely card Lin! I think we all love this set, as I used it for my card too! Love your colors and the added flowers and butterfly too! :0)

  4. Your wreath is gorgeous!! I would hang it on my front door in a heartbeat! Beautiful card, Lin!

  5. Love this wreath Lin, you made this set fresh again!

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