Friday, November 4, 2016

25 Days of Christmas Tags Day 3

Day 3 of 
Not really loving these.   I got my inspiration from Jess below but her's are so much prettier.

I was inspired by these pretty tags by Jess
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SOA, Ornaments, with Distress Inks
Colored the ornaments with my Ziggs. 


  1. Oh I think those are really pretty! I feel like I need to try making some! You have inspired me!!

  2. I think your water colored tags are just lovely Lin! I love all the bright colors and how each one just pops! Well done my friend! Have a great weekend!! :0)

  3. Hi Lin, I was just looking through the tags and yours caught my eye... then I read your description. Sounds like you were disappointed, but you shouldn't be. It's good to try new techniques - or even if it's not a totally new technique, trying something we are not used to can only help us grow as paper crafters and artists, right? I think your tags are lovely. I was going to try this myself because I thought they were so pretty.

  4. These are so beautiful....what a great set of tags!

  5. What?? Yours are stunning Linda! You did a fabulous job water coloring these tags. We're always our own worst critics but listen to your friends and be encouraged. These are simply darling!!

  6. I agree with Birgit!! Yours are wonderful!!!!! I'm my own worst critic too! I love these and need to try making some myself!

  7. I think yours are just as pretty, Linda! Love that watercolor!

  8. These watercolored tags are so pretty and unique! I love the soft, muted colors!
    Take care!


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