Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Meeting a Blogger Friend

Yesterday Colleen and I got to meet one of our Blogging friends, Greta, (GG Creations)
She is as sweet as she can be.  She lives in Oregon about an hour away from Colleen, so we met her in Woodburn, Oregon and had lunch with her at Red Robin.  We visited with her for about 2 hours and never had a silent moment like we had know her forever.
Such fun to connect with our crafty friend.


  1. That must have been so fun! What a great picture of you all. It's so nice to put faces to names.

  2. Oh my gosh!! you all look so beautiful! So!! happy for all of you to get to meet.


  3. Loved meeting you guys & hope we can get together again some time!

  4. glad you all had a wonderful time meeting up

  5. I am making the rounds of my three little friends to see your photo over and over! I just love it!! You all look fantastic and I'm so happy you all got a chance to meet! I'm also a bit jelly I wasn't there, but hopefully I will meet you before you know it!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Aww,what a great picture and sounds like a great time. Wow ,Greta looks tall,like me! One day we will meet. Glad you all had fun!


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