Monday, July 23, 2012

Stamp-a-faire Tie-Dye Techniques -2

Rainbow-Badge  Here is the 2nd card I made from the tie dye challenge.  Did not get this done in time to post before the end of SAF.  Funny thing happened when we were doing the tie dye technique.  You use shaving cream in a cookie sheet and then you use drops of the re-inkers for your color and then swirl the colors around.  I was trading cookie sheets with Colleen and went to put it on the counter and it fell on the floor upside down.  We both looked at each other and imagined what a big mess we would have on the floor.  But lo and behold, the shaving cream except for one little splotch stayed in the sheet.  Thank goodness cause that would have been a big mess to clean up....Needless to say we were in stitches over this.


José said...

Ooooh I would have loved to have seen that!!! Priceless. You girls are having such a wonderful time.

Love the backgrounds on this one and the red one. Shaving cream right. I will have to get my DH's bottle ;-)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Want to try the tie dye technique so much! I love the effect :)