Monday, August 31, 2015

SAF 2015 Red Carpet Challenge

Well another year of SAF is over and what a fun one it was.  Colleen and I started up in Seattle because it was my dad's 95th birthday which we celebrated Friday night, then got started about 8:00 am which is already 4 hours late, so we were behind from the get go.  Then about 11:00 we lost power until about 3:15 at which point we had to go to my dad's and then to Church and didn't get home until about 7:15 pm.  So we finished up posting the cards we were working on.  So not such a great start.
Sunday, we left for Portland where I will spend about a week with Colleen for our yearly visit.  We spent Sunday and Monday catching up and posting our cards. So alas, we are done and posted our final pictures.
Thanks PTI for another fun year.....


  1. Looks like the two of you were very creative and got some crafting done! Beautiful pictures. Power went way! I have to say I am also loving the doors and large table in the room.

  2. Looks like you and Colleen still had a great time and created beautiful cards together, even though the late start and power outage gave you a bit of grief! How fun that the two of you share the love of stamping and having so much fun together each year to do the SAF!! I'm looking forward to next year's SAF and all the great things you two will create together (and of course everything else in between now and then!!). Have a wonderful week together!! :0)

  3. I LOVE the photo of the two of you in your pretty butterfly tee-shirts! You girls have had a fun and busy few days with the birthday and two cities and lots of card-making! Sounds like heaven and your cards are - no suprise - phenomenal!! I wish I could have been there!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. You made such beautiful cards! Wasn't it a fabulous weekend?

  5. I didn't even have a power outage & didn't get nearly this much accomplished! Your cards are just beautiful & I know you 2 had & are having fun, so that's success!


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