Thursday, July 11, 2024

Seize the Birthday #287 - Fruits - Colleen

My card for STB hosted by my Bff, Colleen.  She would like to see fruit on our cards. 
Come see the gallery and look at all of the fantastic inspiration by our team.

This is PinkFresh's Berries and Blossoms, stamp and stencil set, using Gina K's inks.  I used a technique by Gina on a recent video from her You tube Channel.  It's called Fancy Fold. When the card is closed it looks like a one-layer card, but then you open, and it has a stenciled piece inside.  Fun and very easy.  Not as easy to photograph.  

If you're not a toppings kinda person, can just

stick with our usual "Anything Goes" Birthday!
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Saturday, June 29, 2024

June, Month of Blogging Friends, Family Vacation and My 75th Birthday

The first part of June, Colleen and I traveled to see our good Blogging Friend, Darnell, who you all know and love.  Colleen thought since I was having a milestone birthday later in June that we should go somewhere fun.  And since all 3 of us will be turning 75 on our next birthday, we went to see Darnell.  The Mister was on a motorcycle trip, so it was perfect timing.  We had fun playing, laughing (as you can imagine) and relaxing in her backyard.  We even got to see the infamous "Playhouse and Hammy" and it is so cute.


Lin & Col

Darnell and Col

And then 5 days after getting home from Darnell's, we had a planned Family trip to Lake Chelan, in Eastern Washington.  We stayed in Manson.  The older girls were invited also.  Kailey and her boyfriend, P-nut and Avery came but we are missing Maddie.
View from our balcony.

The kids have to get a new stuffy everywhere they go and of course some ice cream.
Connor, Justin, Anna

We went to breakfast at Blueberry Hills.  This is a cinnamon roll that we split between all of us and still had some left over.  Brad thought we needed this before breakfast.

Blueberry Hills Restaurant

A surprise Graduation Party for Avery 

Avery, Kailey, Justin, Connor and Anna

Grandma and Justin

Avery and Kailey out tubing.  Kailey fell off and eventually Avery did too.  The water is fed by snow melt so is very cold.  It was about 57 degrees.  The first weekend was only in the low 60's but finally warmed up to the 70's.  Still cool for Chelan.
We rented a Pontoon boat.  Brad and Rhonda's son, Shawn

Justin.  And of course, it wouldn't be a vacation without one of the triplets or more is sick.
Justin was sick, throwing up a few days before we left, then Anna came down with it the next night and then Ramie was feeling puny the first couple of days.  Brad and Connor were fine.
However, Justin kept running a slight fever and so we don't know if he had a sinus infection or allergies, but they took him into the ER.  He would be fine on and off.  While waiting he said he felt fine and so they left not seeing the doctor also because the pharmacy was closed so they couldn't get a prescription anyway.  He seems to be fine now.  And now they are off on another vacation to Black Butte with Ramie's sister's family.
On the boat trip, some of the brave ones, jumped into the freezing water and of course our little dare devil was one of them.  Here she is jumping.
Avery, Dad and Anna

Nona, Connor and Grandma

Cousins, Brad and Shawn

All of the kids went for a hike one morning.  Rhonda and I declined.  We walked into Manson and took a look around.

Rhonda & Shawn

Avery, Kailey and P-nut


Anna trying to warm up after her plunge.

Anna, Connor, Justin, Nona and Grandma

The kids playing on the grass while Brad, Ramie and Shawn were Wine Tasting

Connor and Mom take a walk into Manson.
So, our little dare devil Anna was the first one to go on a jet ski with dad.  The boys were a little hesitant and need coaxing. HaHa....  Ramie told them to just get on and they could decide if they wanted to go for a ride or not and they could control the speed.  They both finally agreed to go for a ride and alternated between fast and slow.   Of course, Anna and dad were jumping waves.  
Justin and Mom

Connor and Mom


P-nut and Kailey

Another day we spent the day playing Put-put golf
Connor taking his turn.

Grandma and Anna wait our turn.

Justin taking a shot

Dad helping Connor get across the strip.


After the golf game, Brad, Avery, Kaily and me.

June 24th, My 75th Birthday
My older son, Kelly and his wife flew up here from AZ to surprise me on the weekend before my birthday.  It's been a while since I have had both of my boys with me on my birthday.  I had such a wonderful birthday.  So blessed.

Out for Dinner on Friday Night
Petrina, Kelly and me

Ramie, Me, Brad
Justin, Connor & Anna

Rhonda and I

Petrina, Kelly, me, Rhonda, Brad, Ramie, Anna, Connor and Justin

Saturday - Portland Spirit, lunch cruise, perfect weather and great food.
Petrina & Kelly

Connor, Anna, Justin and Grandma

All of us before the cruise.
The weekend could not have been any better.  Nothing like family to celebrate with....

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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Seize the Birthday with Cathy #286 Star

The second card of the month for STB is hosted by Cathy.  She would like to see a star on our cards.  Please come and see all of the fantastic cards created by our DT's.  

I used an EF by Cuttlebug for the background and one of Gina's Birthday Toner Sheets and Deco Foil for the sentiment and candles.

If you're not a toppings kinda person, can just
stick with our usual "Anything Goes" Birthday!
The choice is yours!

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