Monday, September 1, 2014

The Paper Players #211 - Tic-Tac-Toe

And finally I am finished with my card for The Paper Players that I started yesterday with Avery, my granddaughter.
I used Pearlescent Embossing Paste with drops of PTI's Winter Wisteria on stencil.
PTI's - Notched Heart Banner Die, Embellished Elegance in Ripe Avocado, Winter Wisteria, Lavender Moon, Harvest Gold, and Royal Velvet.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Paper Players - Tic Tac Toe #211

Avery, my 8 year old granddaughter made this card.

Avery's Card for The Paper Players
which she pretty much did all on her own with minimal help from me.
She picked which challenge she wanted and she wanted to used embossing paste, with PTI's New Leaf green,  Life is Beautiful, Double Ended Banner embossed with Zing, Leaf embossing powder.
She designed it herself picking out what she wanted.  I made the bow and put the embossed sheet on the card, stamped the butterfly and the sentiment.  When she makes a one layer card she does all the stamping herself.
Chevron stencil.
Vellum overlay of New Leaf stamped butterfly. 


Tag You're It - Donna Mikasa

My tag for Tag You're It
PTI's Rustic Cream Cardstock, Flowers are a die from SAF 1940's Era, Sentiment from
Friendly Flowers
Tag Sale #9
The Twinery twine

Merry Monday #123 - Wreath

My card for Merry Monday 
which I am getting in just under the gun.  I was in Portland visiting Colleen for 10 days and was having trouble with the Versamark and my embossing.  So I never got it made there, but we had such a fun time stamping together and doing SAF together.  How lucky that my best friend and I share the same love of stamping.....
Gold embossing powder on Penny Black's - A Wish for Peace, and then colored with Copics.

Monday, August 25, 2014

SAF 2014 1980's with Lexi Daly

1980's, the era with rainbows, cassettes, sunglasses etc.
Finally, finished all of the era's.  Now may go back and re-visit a few, but this also may be the end.
This is the last day that Col and I will be able to stamp together.  Tomorrow we are having a lunch for the ladies that we went with on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.  Then the next day she has minor surgery and I will be heading back to Seattle. :(

Sunday, August 24, 2014

SAF 2014 Closing

And another great SAF has come to a close.  Thanks so much for the new techniques and ideas that you shared with us.
And another week of fun stamping with my best friend.  Sure wished we lived in the same state, so we could get together more often..  Love you, Col

SAF 1960's with Erin Lincoln

Colleen and I are still plugging along making cards.  This is the 60's, my era.  Where is the word "groovey?"

SAF 2014 Ancient Rome with Lizzie - 6

Last card for the day.  Now we are going out for Mexican food.  Yum, I'm hungry.
Ok, my turn to tell on myself.  I made my fresco background to stamp on, then when I went to put it together, I found I had stamped on the wrong side....We laughed at that.  I wondered why it seemed so smooth.  So then I had to try it again and this time used the right side.

SAF 2014 Ancient Rome with Lizzie - 5

I guess my favorite era was Ancient Rome with Lizzie, cause I made 6 cards for that time frame.  She had lots of fun techniques to try.

SAF 2014 Ancient Rome with Lizzie - 4

Another mosiac card from Ancient Rome.  This one took a long time because my back paper did not come off in one piece, so I ended up having to put the pieces back together like a puzzle.  It took awhile to do, but  I was lucky and didn't lose any pieces like Colleen.  We had quite a laugh about that, (really hard belly uncontrollable laugh) but I will let her tell you what happened. Colleen's Missing Pieces  You probably had to be there....But I'm still breaking into full laughter when I think of it.
If I had realized the die was so small, I would not put the butterflies on the edges of the paper, but more to the center.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

SAF 2014 1940's with Betsy Veldman

We are still way behind, 1940's with Betsy.  1960's & 1980's to go.

SAF 2014 Time after Time - 2

My second card to make over.  Lots to pick from
Don't know what the random border is doing down there.
I like this one much better.  Brighter colores and inlaid sentiment with die cut phone.
Embossed the banner sentiment.  Added the color framing the top and bottom of white panel.
Again, I re-cycled my old card before I had a chance to take a picture side by side.

SAF Time After Time Before and After

This is one of my previous cards that I made that needed  a make over.  Unfortunately, I don't think this was all that long ago.

This is the make over.  I think it is much better.  Used some different pattern paper and added some different elements to make it more interesting.
I had already re-cycled my old cards so was not able to post them side by side.

SAF 2014 1920's with Heather Nicols

My card using glitter and sparkles was so much a part of the 1920's.

SAF 2014 - Regency with Melissa Phillips

A card casing Melissa Phillips in the Regency Period.

SAF 2014 - Renaissance with Nicole -2

My second card using the Velvet fabric for the center.  Used Limeade Ice and Royal Velvet.

SAF 2014 - Renaissance with Nichole

 A card using one of the papers from the Renaissance period with Nicole.  I cut out the small die circle and embossed in gold as well as the sentiment.  I tried to use the wax to make the A but my wax pile wasn't large enough so was unable to get the whole stamp.

SAF 2014 Ancient Rome with Lizzie Jones - 3

A third card  using embossing paste tinted with Sweet Blush and then stamped over the top.  We think this is called a fresco background.

SAF 2014 Ancient Rome with Lizzie Jones - 2

My second card for this era.  This actually looks better in the picture than it does in real life.
Used Beautiful Brushstrokes.  IRL they look very smeared.  Oh well, 

SAF 2014 - Ancient Rome with Lizzie Jones

Used pure poppy to color the embossing paste for this first card using Lizzie's technique. 

SAF 2014 Morning Timer Challenge -

My first card of the day.  We were not exactly the 4 am early birds this morning, but I'd say 6:30 is early enough.
It took me a little over 20 minutes to make this cause I didn't pull out the papers before hand.  I know excuses....
I used the following: