Thursday, January 29, 2015

Clean & Simple #4 Day 4 - with Yana - Faux Embossing

I'm getting a late start today cause Thursday mornings I go shopping for my 94 year old dad, then we go to I-Hop for breakfast, and then I take him for a drive.   So I am a morning person as far as most things go including stamping.  Usually, I come home from that and sit and read and maybe take a nap (yes) take a nap....
So I Skyped with Colleen and she was still creating so I got one card done also.    Yeah for that.
Yana made her card with a word die so I thought I would try something different so chose the butterfly.   SSS Friendship Butterflies.
I had two different pink banners, but it just wasn't thrilling me, then decided on the red.  I think it is better.


  1. I like your red choice a lot!! It gives a very sophisticated look to your card!! Hugs!!

  2. You are just the best daughter! Sounds like a fun morning with your dad. Your card is just so beautiful too, love that pretty red and all your sweet butterflies.


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